Choosing Intentional Entertainment as a Christian Family

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I grew up in a home with no television. Whenever I told people this, they were always surprised. My siblings and I weren’t completely sheltered since many of our family members had a TV, so we did watch sometimes. But it was never a form of regular entertainment in our home.

When I got married, my husband and I did get a television and cable. We watched it regularly in our downtime—or so I thought.

About two years ago we cut our cable, and we haven’t looked back since! Not having cable has simplified our lives in more ways than we ever thought possible.

We currently have a subscription to Amazon Prime, which allows us to stream some movies, and we borrow from our library, either with physical DVDs or through an online service. But we no longer have the option of multiple channels with multiple shows, and our choices are much more limited—in a good way!

Here are some of the ways our lives are better without cable.

We save money

This is the obvious one. We get offers at least twice a week offering us savings on our cable bill. Whether it be through an internet company, dish, or offers to bundle with our phone, we are constantly getting offers for cable. I am always amazed at how much money they say they can “save” us when we aren’t currently paying anything at all!

Another way we save is because, without television, we have no commercials. We don’t know what the popular gadgets are that everyone has right now, or what toys all the kids are crazy about. We don’t have to try to keep up with the trends, because we don’t know what the trends are!

We save time

Since we no longer have the option of channel surfing, we realize just how much time we wasted doing just that! Sometimes we just watched TV because we were bored, when, honestly, there were many more things we could’ve been doing. I don’t know how many nights I would stay up to see the end of just one more show, and then end up flipping a few channels before I went to bed. I would end up spending another hour or more watching something I never even intended to watch.

We have peace of mind

Last Christmas we watched a family movie with our kids that had commercials. I was shocked at what we saw! Even though the movie was geared towards children, the commercials were for shows geared towards teenagers and young adults. However, they were shows that I would never even consider watching myself. I was worried that my boys would be afraid of the things they saw, just in a commercial. I was immediately grateful that they aren’t exposed to that on a regular basis. I never have to worry about them accidentally seeing something they shouldn’t.

We are not deprived because we don’t have a TV. On the contrary, I think we are much better off without one! It’s easy for a TV to become mindless entertainment. It draws us in, and keeps us there, wasting our time and energy on nothing.

By not having a TV our family has found time for better, more intentional entertainment. My boys are great at playing by themselves and have impressive imaginations. They know that watching a show or movie is a special treat and not something to be expected every day. We spend time sitting together,or pursuing hobbies. Sometimes we play games, read books or take walks outside.

I’m so glad that we decided to take the leap and cut our cable. Sure, people still look at us a little funny when we tell them, but we don’t care! The benefits of simpler entertainment (and no cable bill!) are worth it.

Have you cut cable television from your life? If so, how has it impacted your family?


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  1. Michelle says:

    I wholeheartedly agree that having a “Hollywood-free” home is right. We do not own a TV either, nor do we watch movies on any other devices. Here’s how we feel..we would NEVER allow a guest in our home to have sex, use profanity, perform acts of violence, etc, etc in front of our children. So why would we intentionally place a screen in our home where the actors/actresses perform all those things in front of them?

  2. Teresa says:

    Katie, I grew up without a TV during my younger years, when we did get a TV it was black and white lol. We only had a antenna there wasn’t cable back then. Today, we have been cable, and TV free for twenty-eight years or more. We have never regret it, and for years now we do not turn on the hotel TV either. Good for you and your family, life is too precious to be wasted.

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