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my top 9 favorite blogs

Since diving in to the blog world head first a year ago, I’ve sifted through a lot of blogs.

There have been some, in particular, that have stood out to from the rest. Some that have stayed with me more than others over time. Some that I’ve found to be on target, deep and truly helpful.

I want to share my top 9 with you.

I feel I can truly endorse these blogs. Each of them have proven their worth to me and gained my trust over time. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.

My Favorite Blogs

1. We are THAT Family

This is my favorite blog. I pretty much want to be this blog someday. Everything Kristen writes resonates with me deeply. I love how she thinks and her relationship with Jesus.

You should read her book too, Rhinestone Jesus. All proceeds from the book go to fund her amazing mission work in Kenya. I was already a fan before I heard her speak and met her personally. Now… I’m all in.

2. The Better Mom

This blog puts out an unbelievable quantity of great material for Christian moms. It’s deep and consistent and abundant.

A variety of writers contribute, so there’s not necessarily one story to follow, just many, many great resources. I recommend following them on Pinterest.

3. Money Saving Mom

Crystal Paine is a spunky, Jesus-loving, goal-oriented super-likable blogger. Her blog promotes deals and money-saving tips, but tucked between them are such wonderful nuggets of wisdom and inspiration and life.

I enjoy following along with her most on her Facebook page since I’m not as interested in the specific deals.

4. Young Wife’s Guide

Jami Balmet has a sweet, sincere heart and a strong sense of biblical womanhood. She is also a great leader, taking thousands of women on a journey towards “Gospel-centered Homemaking.”

She has helped me personally by giving me opportunities in the blog world. We met because I reached out to her after being instantly attracted to her blog for its positive, encouraging yet challenging message.

5. Michael Hyatt

This blog is themed around intentional leadership, but is somehow so awesome that this 20-something-housewife-and-mom LOVES it.

He is a wise, godly man who ultimately writes about a wide variety of topics including family, marriage and current events. His voice is grounding. I recommend following him on his Facebook page.

6. Little Pieces of Ordinary

This little blog is a gem. I love following along with Ashley as she writes about life as a mom of four and pastor’s wife and most of all God’s grace. I always feel strangely lighter after reading her words and see the world a bit more clearly. 

7. A Holy Experience

Anyone who has read One Thousand Gifts (a longtime NYT best-seller) knows and loves Ann Voskamp.

Her blog, whimsically and relevantly written, invites readers to experience God’s holiness in the everyday. When I take the time to truly read and process her words, I usually end up crying. It’s always moving and deep.

8. The MOB Society

The MOB Society stands for “Moms of Boys” and is an encouraging and spiritually deep resource for boy moms. My boy is still a baby, so I haven’t fully invested myself in it yet, but I love the writing team and much of what I see them doing.

9. Becoming Minimalist

This is the only blog on my list not written from a Christian perspective. Usually I wouldn’t be attracted to a blog that doesn’t include this essential foundation, but this one grabs me. So much of what Joshua Becker writes is so on target with the true meaning of life. It’s deep, it’s poignant, it’s helpful. I love following along.

What would you add to this list?

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my top 9 favorite blogs


2 Comments on My Top 9 Favorite Blogs | Embracing a Simpler Life

  1. Mary
    March 12, 2015 at 12:45 PM (2 years ago)

    I really enjoy by Courtney Joseph. She started the online Good Morning Girls bible study which is awesome!!! Very encouraging and her book is excellent too! I recommend to any Christian SAHM!!!!
    Mary recently posted…Explanation of my recent FB trimMy Profile

    • Katie Bennett
      March 13, 2015 at 8:57 PM (2 years ago)

      Thank you Mary! I have heard many good things about Good Morning Girls. I will definitely check it out!!

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