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I’m glad you’re here. This is a big step for me. It marks the beginning of a new and exciting venture in blogging.

I believe this moment has been building for a long time now. It began in my childhood. The knowledge and love of God was sown in the soil of my heart and God graciously caused it to grow. Many godly and wise people have invested in my over the years: my parents, my siblings, the various churches of which I’ve been a part, my youth pastor, my campus ministry, so many wonderful friends, my mentor Jen, and many more.

Then there have been the numerous blog posts I’ve written over the course of the last three years. Between my personal blog, our photography business blog, and other small-scale blogging and business endeavors my comfort with this medium and writing style have evolved and grown.

Not to mention the connections I have to amazing women whose voices and messages I believe should be made available to a wider audience. How much they’ve helped me!

Oh, and then there’s the intense season of perspective-changing that God brought me through in the past year, setting my heart on Him alone in ways I never thought it could be. Showing me the need to live with eternal perspective. Helping me see beyond the stuff of this world. Changing how I view my job as a mother, wife and homemaker.

Plus I love writing. And, admittedly, I love writing for an audience.

So it seems the shoe fits. And I’m excited. Please join me on this crazy journey. Let’s do this together. I hope you’re encouraged in some way.


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